Tuesday, 14 July 2020 – A lady has narrated how she met a senior Kenyan Politician who is serial womanizer during a night out and after several drinks, they booked a hotel room for paid sex.

The sex starved politician put on a condom before they started having sex but when he was ‘kaming’, he removed the condom and almost choked her to death.

He then slept like a pregnant dog after ‘kaming’ as the lady says and since she was terrified, she couldn’t leave the hotel room or raise an alarm.

The politician woke up as the night progressed and continued munching her without protection and when they were done with the ‘business’ the next morning, he apologized to her and added her more money.

The ‘Mheshimiwa’  didn’t even care whether the lady was positive and after parting ways, she went straight to a chemist and bought PEPs just to be safe incase the politician was HIV positive.

After that awful and terrifying ordeal with the randy politician who she claims is very popular in the political scene, the lady has vowed that she will never sleep with a politician again.

This is how she narrated her sexual encounter with the senior Politician.


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