Tuesday July 28, 2020 – Renowned Nairobi lawyer, Ahmednasir Abdullahi, has poured cold water on “one man, one vote, and one shilling” formula adopted for sharing revenue among the 47 Counties.

In the new formula, Mandera County which has a low population will lose Sh 1.9 billion in revenue while Kiambu County will receive an additional Sh 1.2 billion if the formula is adopted by the Senate.

On Tuesday, Ahmednasir faulted the formula saying it is an injustice to compare Kiambu County to Mandera County because the former has produced 2 Presidents, 5 Attorney Generals, 30 Ministers, 40 Principal Secretaries and has over 210 billionaires.

Ahmednasir, who in social circles is known as “Grand Mullah”, said since independence, Mandera has had one Minister and two Principal Secretaries.

I’m completely at sea on the new formula for resource sharing.”

“How can Kiambu County get more resources than Mandera?”

“Kiambu produced 2 Presidents, 5 AGs, 30 Ministers, 40 Ps has over 210 BILLIONAIRES, hospitals, roads, schools were all built by the 1st President.”

“Mandera has One minister since independence, two Ps, one hospital, few schools, 3 kilometers of the tarmac road, no water, no reliable electricity…what does Kiambu need all this money for?”

“Mandera needs to build schools, hospitals, boreholes, solar power that were not done since 1963,” Ahmednasir said.


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