Tuesday July 21,2020 – A top scientist at Oxford University in the United Kingdom has said a million doses of its experimental COVID-19 vaccine could be produced by September and it will be administered to health workers and the aged population.

Dr. Adrian Hill, the Director of the Jenner Institute at Oxford University said “certainly there will be a million doses around in September,” thanks to a manufacturing “scale-up.”

Hill’s comments came as Oxford researchers published a new study on Monday suggesting that their COVID-19 vaccine produced a “dual immune response” in people between the ages of 18 and 55 that lasted at least two months after they were immunized.

Hill said researchers saw a “good immune response in almost everybody,” adding that neutralizing antibodies were produced, and that the vaccine caused a reaction in the body’s T-cells, which help destroy cells that have been taken over by the virus.

Globally, Coronavirus has affected 14.7 million people and killed 610,000 people.


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