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Saturday June 6, 2020 – Kiharu MP, Ndindi Nyoro, said on Friday that he will not be intimidated by threats to remove him from House committees.

The MP said it is wrong to target leaders just because they are affiliated to Deputy President William Ruto.

He said the President won’t have gotten the support of the Mt Kenya region in 2017 had he sought votes together with ODM leader, Raila Odinga.

“Without Ruto, the party would not have formed the Government,” the MP said while handing over Standard 8 revision books to Technology Primary School administration.

“When we went round the country looking for votes, nobody thought Ruto was bad.”

“Why has that suddenly changed?” he asked.

The lawmaker said there was no valid reason why MPs allied to the DP were removed from their House committees.

“Everyday a sword is drawn, it comes back with someone’s blood.”

“They started with the Senate and now they have come to the National Assembly and when we ask what Government agenda we have failed to support, no one can answer,” the lawmaker said.

“If they want to remove me from my committee, let them go ahead.”

“Even if they point guns to our foreheads, we will not go against the wishes of the people who voted for us,” he added.

He said no one was invited into the country and that rich or poor, every Kenyan has the same voice and the right to express their opinion.

The MP said leaders should stop targeting each other and concentrate on working for the electorate.

“If you ask anyone who was making the most noise during Moi’s tenure, all they can remember is how the economy fared, same with Kibaki,” the MP said.


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