Sunday, June 21, 2020 – Every year on 21st June, fathers are celebrated across the globe and in this special day that is dubbed Father’s Day, sweet messages dedicated to  Fathers flood social media.

Although not all fathers are perfect just like other human beings, negativity is usually shunned on Father’s Day to celebrate all the great men in the world no matter how bad or good they are.

Divorced Nairobi Women Rep, Esther Passaris, who Miguna called a socialite bimbo sometime back on live TV, caused a stir on twitter after she called out men for protecting fellow sexual predators and urged fathers to shape up and stop the rampant defilement of kids.

Esther was called out for hijacking Father’s Day to spread toxic feminism.

Some men felt that Passaris, who is notorious for luring rich men to sex and then black-mailing them and also using her beauty to get favours from men, was trying to paint men in bad light on Father’s Day,  instead of celebrating the day and reserving her negative tweet for another day.

She tweeted saying. Whilst we celebrate Father’s Day today, I call on MEN to hold their fellow fathers, uncles, male relatives, friends and neighbours accountable. Fathers need to shape up and stop the rampant defilement of our children. Stop protecting sexual predators. Speak up!’

This is how men reacted to the tweet, accusing her of being a toxic feminist.

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