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Friday, 19 June 2020 – There was drama in Embu town after the County Assembly Speaker, Joseph Thiriku, was confronted by a lady said to be his ex-wife, accusing him of badmouthing her and tainting her image in the town.

The lady, who is a Procurement Officer in the County and commonly known as Wanyaga, approached the assembly Speaker breathing fire and questioned him why he keeps following her and badmouthing her even after they parted ways.

“Who do you think you are and what type of man are you to keep on following a woman,’’ she posed.

Joseph lost his cool during the daylight confrontation and started washing his ex-wife’s dirty linen in public, calling her a well-known prostitute who spreads her legs to every Tom, Dick and Harry.

He also accused her of being a witch and added that she stole his money when they were having an affair but he managed to recover it.

I have no business with you. You are a prostitute, a witch and a thief. You stole my money. Go away. Biashara yangu na yako iliisha. Leave me alone,’ the County Assembly Speaker yelled during the dramatic scene that was witnessed by members of the public.

The two continued washing each other’s dirty linen in public and attempted to exchange kicks and blows before they were separated.

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