Monday June 15, 2020 – National Assembly Minority Whip, Junet Mohamed, has defended former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s meeting with impeached Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru that has sparked a serious debate.

Speaking yesterday, Junet said that by virtue of their positions as leaders in their own right, Raila and Waiguru were allowed to meet at any time.

“I’ve seen in the papers they’re saying Waiguru met Raila.”

“Waiguru is a Governor and Raila is a national leader, so where is the problem if they meet?”

“There’s absolutely no problem.”

“They will meet anytime they want and speak to each other anytime, and Kenyans must continue walking together,” he argued.

He claimed that Waiguru’s critics were only out to impeach her for personal reasons, rubbishing allegations levelled against her by members of the Kirinyaga County Assembly.

“Right now, women are the ones leading the country.”

“We have women as Governors in this country, even though one of them is facing some challenges but we are with her.”

“She did nothing wrong, people just don’t want to be led by women.”

“As ODM party, we will stand with her because we believe in women leadership.

“We want women to have an equal chance at leadership in this country.”

“Don’t come telling me this and that nonsense, we want women to lead this country,” he reiterated.

He assured the embattled Governor to rest easy because Raila and his entire battalion will be in her corner to save her in the Senate.


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