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Congregants of a church in Migori county were on Sunday treated to drama after two lovers who were stuck at their genitals were brought to their church for prayers so that they could get unlocked.

Reports from witnesses indicated that the woman was cheating on her spouse with the man that she was stuck with who was a colleague from work. Her spouse had suspected her of cheating since she had become so distant in their marriage and also started hiding her phone from him despite them having an open-door policy.

Last Wednesday as his wife was taking a shower, a message came to her phone and out of curiosity, he took the phone to see who was texting his wife in the middle of the night.

He was astonished to find his wife’s mpango wa kando texting her sexy stuff an also asking her to meet him in the hotel so that they may have their normal sexual escapades. The man could not believe his eyes that his wife was sleeping with another man. He left the house at that particular time to absorb the shock.

While absorbing the shock he called his elder brother and told him that he had just found out that his wife was sharing the forbidden fruit with another man. His elder brother could not also believe it. He advised the man to see Doctor Mugwenu in order to teach the woman and her mpango wa kando a good lesson.

He called Doctor Mugwenu on +254 740637248   and told him about the situation and he advised him to visit him at his working place so that he could use his spell casting powers to nab the two lovers. The hurt husband went to Doctor Mugwenu who performed a spell that would stick the woman and his lover together whenever they had intercourse.

The next day the two cheaters met in a hotel to have sex and no sooner had the man penetrated the man’s wife that Doctor Mugwenu’s spell worked and locked the two lovers together.

They were in so much pain and efforts by the hotel staff ,to unstuck them were fruitless. The hotel staff took the two interlocked lovers to the church in Migori to seek intervention of the pastors. Even the praying of the pastors could not unlock the man and woman who were already crying due to shame and pain.

The church pastors called the man and told him that his wife was stuck to another man. The man quickly rushed to the church to see for himself. On reaching, though shocked, he was glad that he had taught his wife a good lesson for cheating on him.

He called Doctor Mugwenu and asked for his help in unlocking his wife to the mpango wa kando. Doctor Mugwenu successfully unlocked the two and they were later given a beating for disrespecting the man by the church members.

The woman was warned against cheating on her husband. The people celebrated Doctor Mugwenu for unlocking the couple. See the Video below of the two stuck lovers:

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