Saturday, 27 June 2020 – Popular columnist and social media commentator, Aoko Otieno, has written an interesting post saying that with the massive layoffs and salary cuts caused by the coronavirus pandemic, it’s time for men to know the true colours of their wives.

According to Aoko, most men have been living with trophy wives and after losing their jobs or getting salary cuts, the wives will turn into chameleons.

She notes that few Kenyan women can support their husbands financially after they lose their jobs or get salary cuts.

How many of you husbands are confident today that if you lost your job, your wife can sustain the family with the little she has without running to her mother, her friends, chama mates and Kilimani groups to bemoan the burden of feeding a “useless” man?

How many of you married wives not liabilities? How many of you can sit your wife down today and discuss soberly your financial constraints and move from a three bed roomed apartment to a one bedroomed house and she will not throw tantrums like a teething toddler?’’ Aoko questions.

Read the full post that will leave married men scratching their heads.


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