Thursday June 25, 2020 – President Uhuru Kenyatta is reportedly planning to extend the cessation of movement in Nairobi and Mombasa Counties over rising cases of coronavirus.

Speaking to journalists on Thursday, a member of the National Emergency Response Committee, the President and his advisors are concerned with the rising cases of COVID 19 in Nairobi.

As of June 23rd, Nairobi had 2,424 cases, nearly half of the 4,952 cases countrywide.

“An extension of the lockdown of the city is very likely in July,” he said but requested anonymity to avoid reprisals from his seniors.

Global Public Health Specialist, Bernard Muia, said if the curve will not go down, the Government will have no justification to reopen the two cities next month.

“We are in a catch-22 situation because the economy is also suffering.”

“But if we adhere to the public health guidelines, then the Government can partially reopen the economy,”

Muia said Nairobi is likely to remain the epicentre of the epidemic in the country.

“Nairobi is 100 percent urban, the population density means people live close to each other.”

“Covid-19 being airborne, you expect cases to be concentrated in urban areas,”’ Muia said.


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