Sunday, 14 June 2020 – Popular Ohangla singer, Musa Jakadalla, who is currently branded the king of Ohangla – a popular music genre associated with Luos, has questioned why his fellow musician, Abbeny Jachiga, was buried like a dog at 2AM on Saturday without a post-mortem being carried out  to establish the cause of his untimely  death.

Jachiga, who died under mysterious circumstances, was buried under heavy police security on Saturday after his fans engaged cops in running battles and stopped his burial on Friday, demanding to be given enough time to mourn him, terming him a legend.

Musa Jakadalla questioned why deceased Benga singer, Mzee Nzenze, was given a befitting send off, and hundreds of mourners allowed to attend his burial, but Jachiga was buried hurriedly like a dog at 2AM on Saturday and even his close family members blocked from attending the burial.

‘Last night we all watched news and the family was humbly requesting for a postmortem, was it done? do we know how or the cause of his death or they rushed to bury him because he was ja ohangla? Do we have leaders in Nyanza? where were they??’ Jakadalla posed.

Here’s the full post that the famous Ohangla singer posted on his page criticizing how deceased singer, Abenny Jachiga, was treated in an inhumane manner.


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