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Sunday, June 21, 2020 – Deputy President William Ruto and his allies have maintained that they are still bona fide members of the ruling Jubilee Coalition despite forming Jubilee Asili.

On Wednesday, Ruto unveiled a parallel command centre for Jubilee MPs allied to his Tanga Tanga faction of the ruling party.

The launch of Jubilee Asili Centre by the DP himself and the move to adopt the ‘Sote Pamoja’ phrase as his new slogan instead of Jubilee’s ‘Tuko Pamoja’, left no doubt that the die of his exit is cast.

When asked whether they have dumped Jubilee Party for Jubilee Asili, Ruto’s allies maintained that they have no intentions of walking out of the ruling party, despite attempts to kick them out.

They said Jubilee Asili Centre is instead a “complement” office for members who believe in the ‘original’ Jubilee dream.

Soi MP, Caleb Kositany, said the new office is necessary because members who support the DP had been denied access to the Pangani headquarters.

The Soy MP said that the Jubilee Party had become a private entity.

“The original Jubilee did not want to be involved with small tribal parties with one MP or half an MP; that’s why we had folded over 12 parties to be one party.”

“Sadly, it has taken this route, we are no longer democratic, the party has become a private members club,” Kositany said.


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