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Sunday June 21, 2020 – A number of Nakuru leaders have criticised the establishment of parallel Jubilee offices by Deputy President William Ruto and his disgruntled allies, saying it will sabotage President Uhuru Kenyatta and the ruling party.

Led by Nakuru Town West MP, Samuel Arama, the leaders said the move by Ruto and his allies to form a new political outfit similar to Jubilee was misguided and amounted to sabotage.

“It is a very serious offense for the DP to entertain leaders and a faction claiming to have opened an office parallel to that of the ruling party,” said Arama.

The legislator instead called on the disgruntled members to reform their ways.

“Those who were removed from house committees and other leadership positions should accept their mistakes and apologise to the President.”

“Thereafter, they can be retained in their respective committees,” he said.

Arama accused those who were removed from House leadership positions of pushing the President to the edge prompting him to take punitive action against them.

“Every time the President was waking up to messages urging him to support a particular person until he became tired of it.”

“They should also know that if Kenyans decide that Uhuru should continue with leadership beyond 2022, that will be final,” he said.

His sentiments were supported by Nakuru Town East MP, David Gikaria, who called on DP Ruto to live up to his pledge to stay in Jubilee.

“I wouldn’t advice the DP to open a new office or form a new party altogether,” said Gikaria.

“Starting another party does not make sense.”

“He is a believer of democracy and when there are challenges in the Jubilee Party, the best thing is to find solutions within the party,” he said.

The MP said the initial intention of forming Jubilee Party was to have a formidable political party based on ideologies, one that will unite Kenyans beyond personal and ethnic differences.

“Kenya needs a maximum of three big parties with a set direction.”

“Some parties have been turned into conduits for enriching certain people who collect money from members for unjustifiable reasons.”

“As much as we are a multiparty democracy, the DP should cool down and sit down with his boss on the issues,” he said.


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  1. What is itching other circles when the DP looks forward starting a new political outfit which is hoped to be a solution to counteract the schemes of current political groupings of the DYNASTIES? Long live the DP. All God fearing and sober minded Kenyans are behind you. The Kintandawilis will see DUST come 2022!!!

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