Wednesday, June 10, 2020 – The late Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza was a talented footballer and even had his own team called Haleluya FC.

Nkurunziz, who died on Tuesday, June 9th of a ‘heart attack’ spent much of his time travelling across Burundi with the team to face local amateur teams.

However, opponents were not allowed to go hard on him and it has been said they would go easy in the games, even perhaps allowing Nkurunziza to score.

Those who didn’t adhere to this unofficial rule and tackled him would be arrested on charges of “conspiracy against the President”.

In 2018, Nkurunzinza faced a team that had Congolese refugees who did not know they were playing against Burundi’s President and they attacked each time he had the ball and made him fall several times

After the match, two Government officials were arrested and later imprisoned after they were accused of conspiring with the players to hurt the President.

Nonetheless, Nkurunziza was actually a decent footballer as this video of himself showing off his skills attests.

Watch the video below.

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