Thursday, June 11, 2020 – Kirinyaga County residents have warned President Uhuru Kenyatta against trying to save Governor Anne Waiguru in the Senate next week.

Waiguru was impeached by Kirinyaga County MCAs on Tuesday and her fate now lies with the Senate.

In a protest held in Kutus on Thursday, Kirinyaga residents chanted “Waiguru must go!” as they carried placards scribbled “President Uhuru Kenyatta, we are ready to fight corruption in Kirinyaga”.

The traders, who abandoned their jobs temporarily, urged the Senate to uphold Waiguru’s impeachment by the County Assembly.

“Kindly help us seize corruption in Kirinyaga,” read another placard

“You were part of the NYS scandal, you’re also corrupt in Kirinyaga. Waiguru must go,” another one read.

The demonstrators stated that the President had declared total war on corruption and should, therefore, support Kirinyaga residents in the same way he supported Kiambu County to impeach former Governor, Ferdinand Waititu.


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