Major league soccer (MLS) in Canada returns on July 8. That comes after a four-month break due to the global health pandemic that’s still threatening lives. Fortunately for football fans, the long wait is finally over, with many leagues all over the world returning to live-action behind closed doors. Harambee star captain, Victor Wanyama, is also set to resume gameplay this month with the return of the MLS League.  Wanyama is currently playing for Montreal after transferring from Tottenham from free agency.

The Kenyan international midfielder is set to make a great impact in the MLS league, with many Betway punters in the country planning to wager on him during games. The competition is set to switch into a tournament format from a league, and league organizers have confirmed this.

The league organizers will be expected to renew their efforts to fight racism following the death of George Floyd in the United States in May 2020. As a result, set guide rules have been put in place when the league resumes, ensuring that both the players and the staff remain safe during these grim moments.

Victor Wanyama is expecting to be fit when the league resumes, though he hasn’t been idle over the last few months. Like most of the players in the world, Victor Wanyama has been training indoors. Indoor training was as a result of when the leagues halt in mid-march. The player has confirmed through his twitter account that he had resumed training ahead of the planned kick-off.

According to Kenyan football fans, Wanyama has a great talent in football, and he’s expected to perform well on the return of the MLS. That will also present a good opportunity for his fans to wager on his team with Betway soccer betting, though his current form is yet to be revealed.

Sporting director Oliver Rigard describes Wanyama as a player who has a great career. The experienced player will impact young players on the team. The signing marks the second from Tottenham for Montreal after signing Lui Binks. That happened in late February from their under 23 teams. The combination of Wanyama and Saphir Taider will make the midfield of the team very strong. This potent combination marked the biggest transfer of the team.

Wanyama appeared ninety-seven times for Tottenham scoring seven goals. He acknowledged that Montreal has continued to grow. He looks forward to bringing a great impact to the team. He is further looking forward to bringing awareness to this team and the leagues across Africa.

Wanyama has always admired Thierry Henry, and he was delighted to join him in Montreal. While working with Wanyama, Thierry Henry is looking forward to making a significant impact on the team and boosting their game to international standards. Montreal has a great plan with the Saputo family, and Wanyama hopes he’s part of the bigger picture.

Under the leadership of football legend Thierry Henry, Montreal has remained unbeaten over the last three matches, and they’ll be looking to continue with this form. Fortunately, they can achieve that feat with players like Wanyama on their side under the leadership of Thiery Henry.

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