Sunday, June 14, 2020 – Nominated Senator, Isaac Mwaura, has asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to confirm the appointment of Justice Mumbi Ngugi as a Court of Appeal Judge.

Justice Ngugi is one of the 41 judges who have been recommended for appointment, specifically as an appellate Judge.

The list of judges is the latest bone of contention between President Kenyatta and Chief Justice David Maraga.

The President has been maintaining that he cannot confirm the list because many Judges are corrupt as hell.

Mwaura, who was speaking during the International Albinism Awareness Day at the Albinism Society of Kenya offices in Nairobi West on Saturday, begged Uhuru to confirm Justice Ngugi  because she had made several landmark rulings that have benefited millions of Kenyans.

“We call upon Chief Justice David Maraga and President Kenyatta to confirm Justice Ngugi’s appointment.”

“Her landmark rulings such as that all children should have their father’s name in their birth certificates is very important to many persons with albinism whose fathers usually take off,” Mwaura said.


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