Wednesday June 3, 2020 – President Uhuru Kenyatta has once again spoken about his successor when his term comes to an end in 2022.

Speaking during a Jubilee PG meeting held in State House yesterday, Uhuru said that he will pass the baton to an heir who supports and values his legacy.

In a veiled warning to Deputy President William Ruto, Uhuru said that he will support a candidate who will build on his agenda.  

The remarks suggest that the Head of State’s 2022 options are wide open despite pressure from Ruto’s allies for him to throw his weight behind the DP.  

In May 2018, at the height of aggressive countrywide campaigns by Ruto, the President also told his Nyeri turf that his 2022 presidential choice will shock many.

Ruto’s allies then threw tantrums at the President accusing him of trying to renege on an earlier promise that the DP will take over.

However, a furious Uhuru maintained that there is no way he will rally behind anyone who will sabotage the agenda he has laid for the country.

He warned that he will not dither from shoving away any politician who will undermine his leadership and national unity agenda.

“I will be happy to know that the person I will be passing the baton to is part of my agenda,” Uhuru told the 212 MPs. 

The President’s remarks came after he enjoyed a night out with Opposition chief Raila Odinga after the Madaraka Day celebrations at State House.

The duo arrived at Nairobi’s CBD in the middle of the night and they were seen inspecting the re-carpeting of roads by the Nairobi Metropolitan Service.


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