Friday June 12, 2020 – President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Government has moved to punish Kenyans amid the Covid19 pandemic by increasing the prices of electricity.

The Government, through the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority, announced an increase in electricity prices.

EPRA announced the changes through the Kenya Gazette on Friday, June 12th.

The agency stated that it had increased the fuel energy cost charge by Ksh2.40 per kWh (Kilowatts per hour).

“This change was made pursuant to clause 2 of Part III of the Schedule of Tariffs 2018,” EPRA stated.

It also increased the water resource management authority levy by 2.11 Kenya cents per kWh and adjusted foreign exchange fluctuation. 

“All prices for electrical energy will also be liable to a foreign exchange fluctuation adjustment of plus 31.84 Kenyan cents per kWh,” EPRA Director General, Robert Oimeke, announced. 

The new prices will affect all meter readings to be taken from June 2020.

The price increase was occasioned by the weakening of Kenya’s Shilling against the Dollar. 

Currently, the Shilling is trading at a high of Ksh 106.5.


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