Thursday June 18, 2020 – A dark cloud has engulfed State House after it emerged that the number of Covid19 cases has increased from the initial four.

According to reports, the number of workers who have tested positive for Coronavirus has increased to 16.

Out of the 16, four reside inside State House while the remaining 12 reside outside the House on the Hill.

“We have so far 16 cases that have turned positive from Coronavirus with four of us living within the compound and the rest outside State House,” said a source.

This comes even as it emerged that a senior State House official had been admitted in a private hospital in Nairobi after contracting the deadly virus.

Reports have also emerged that some Governors who visited President Uhuru Kenyatta in State House recently are being sought after some individuals who interacted with them in State House tested positive for Covid19.


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