Monday June 22, 2020 – Political Analyst Herman Manyora has disclosed that President Uhuru Kenyatta’s move to clip Deputy President William Ruto’s wings ‘in installments’ by removing his allies from key positions could come to haunt him one day because the DP has seen all this cards.

The UoN don opined that if Ruto was to resign as Deputy President and have Jubilee Asili as a fully-fledged party, he would secure the support of three important groups in his quest for power.

Manyora noted that if Ruto were to attack Uhuru’s administration from the outside, he will gain the backing of people who hate tGovernments like billionaire George Soros, civil society and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

These ‘progressive forces’, Manyora explained, will set aside their reservations about Ruto because they care more about taking on Uhuru’s administration for its alleged misdeeds.

“Your approach towards dealing with William Samoei Ruto may come to haunt you [President Kenyatta], and I am not saying you hit him.”

“The worst he can do, and this can very easily happen; suppose Ruto decided to resign and fight you from outside without the encumbrances of government, hitting you directly when he wants or when he has to,” he stated.

According to Manyora, pressure from the civil society will ensure Ruto was shielded from prosecution emanating from the Executive. 

“Remember there are many people who hate government, and many organisations especially [the] civil society.”

“They would join him to hit at government, you will not even arrest him or take him to court.”

“Big lawyers, NGOs and the civil society will come to his defence, and it won’t be the first time progressive forces are working with people you do not want to see as clean,” he stated.


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