Thursday, June 25, 2020 – A Tanzanian miner is smiling all the way to the bank after discovering the two largest tanzanite gemstones in history.

The lucky miner identified asSaniniu Laizer found the two dark violet-blue gemstones weighing a total of 14 kgs in a tanzanite mine in Tanzania’s northern Manyara region that is surrounded by a wall to control cross-border smuggling of the gemstones.

The Bank of Tanzania handed Saniniu Laizer a cheque of 7.74bn Tanzanian shillings (Approx. Ksh300 million) for the gemstones.

The first gemstone weighed 9.27kg (20.43lb) while the second weighed 5.10kg (11.25lb), a Government spokesperson said.

“Today’s event… is to recognise the two largest tanzanite gemstones in history since the beginning of mining activities in Merelani,” mines ministry PS Simon Msanjila said.

President John Magufuli phoned to congratulate Mr Laizer live on television.

“This is a confirmation that Tanzania is rich,” Mr Magufuli said.

Last year, the Tanzanian Government set up trading centres around the country to allow small scale miners to sell their gems and gold to the Government.

The small scale miners are not officially employed by any mining companies and usually mine by hand.

See the photos of the gemstones below.

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