Tuesday June 9, 2020 – President Uhuru Kenyatta is in deep trouble for disobeying court orders.

This is after lawyers begun the process to impeaching him as President for flouting the Constitution which he swore to protect and defend.

The Law Society of Kenya detailed plans to rally Members of Parliament to initiate a motion of impeachment against Uhuru for his persistent and blatant disregard and disobedience to court orders.

Speaking yesterday, LSK President Nelson Havi announced that save for two members, the council had unanimously resolved to petition the National Assembly and the Senate to oust Mr. Kenyatta.

“It has become the order of the day for the Government to disobey court orders in a manner to suggest the Constitution is an inconvenience to them,” Havi said.

Havi argued that Kenyatta had declined to swear in 41 judges recommended by the Judicial Service Commission, six months after being directed by the High Court to do so within 14 days.

He said Uhuru is bound by the law to uphold the Constitution, a responsibility he must fully adhere to. 

“We cannot have somebody who has taken the oath to govern in tandem with the constitution, who fails to perform his duties under the Constitution.”

“We will proceed in the manner we have indicated.”

“We will proceed with the removal of the Solicitor General (Kennedy Ogeto) and Attorney General (Paul Kihaka) from the list of advocates and thereafter petition the two houses to impeach the President,” Havi stated.

He said a charge sheet will be forwarded to them and they must respond in seven days, giving reasons why they should not be removed from the list. 


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