Tuesday June 23, 2020 – Suna East MP, Junet Mohamed, has said that he will continue being loyal to Orange Democratic Movement party leader, Raila Odinga, to avoid being ousted like Garissa MP, Aden Duale.

Speaking on Tuesday after Duale was removed as Majority Leader, Junet said that they have been loyal to Raila Odinga to avoid being embarrassed and humiliated like the way Duale was on Monday.

“As for Duale, when you see us following Baba like cows, it is because we fear the consequences like what you are facing today,” he said.

“So politics is like that mkubwa.”

“If you go against the wishes of people who own parties and lead this country,.. these are the consequences.”

Junet said that whatever happened to Duale is a learning experience for him.

“… it is a good experience for me. Now I will be more loyal than I am now. I will sing baba throughout,” he said.


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