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Sunday, 31 May 2020 – Last week, Grace Wacera Githinji, a marketer at Inooro TV, was the talk of town after she was humiliated by her kids in public.

The kids refused to go home with her and chose to remain with their dad after she won a custody case at Kiambu Law Courts.

The Kenyan DAILY POST is reliably informed that Wacera, who is a drunkard and notorious for sleeping with multiple men including her workmates at Royal Media Services, was demanding over Ksh 7 million per year from her husband, Joseph Murimi Wanjohi.

In the typical slay queen style, she filed a case in court demanding that her husband should give her the millions to cater for her and their 3 kids.

According to court documents, she wanted sh 440,000 per month, Sh 200, 000 per child during holidays (remember they have 3 kids), Sh 250,000 per year for insurance, additional money for school fees  for all the  kids and medical insurance,  all totalling to over Ksh 7 million per year as shown in the court documents.

Interestingly, her husband has been taking good care of the kids after she abandoned them two years ago and started living a care-free life, spending most of her time in clubs partying with different men.

The court had earlier rejected her suit and given her husband custody of the kids but she went back to the court and filed another suit demanding to be given Ksh 50,000 each time she spends with the kids, who have been living with her husband.

The judge trashed the second suit where she wanted monetary compensation from her husband but ruled that she should take custody of the kids.

As a law abiding citizen, her husband met her at TRM mall to return the kids as ordered by the court, but they refused to go back to their mother and humiliated her in public, saying ‘huyo si mama yetu.’

If you missed the dramatic story that was aired on NTV, you can watch it here.

Here are photos of the Inooro TV slay queen gold-digger who wanted to milk her husband dry by demanding millions in child maintenance  but failed.

She deactivated her social media accounts after the story was aired on NTV.


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