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Thursday, June 11, 2020 – Popular actress, Catherine Kamau, who is better known as Kate Actress, has turned financial advisor and dished out priceless advice to young talents in the entertainment industry.

The former Mother-in-law actress has called on budding entertainers to stop pleasing their fake friends with their money and instead invest the hard-earned cash in an income generating venture.

In a post on Instagram, the mother of two, who is the highest paid actress in Kenya, stated that she wished up when someone gave her this advice when she was starting out in her career.

Read the eye-opening post below.

“Dear young talent, I know you are trying hard to create a brand but here are a few things I wish someone told me too..

1. STOP USING YOUR LITTLE Savings or profits TO PLEASE FRIENDS OR YOUR FOLLOWERS .You work so hard, grow your money , invest, save for a rainy day . When you run out of money to buy the champagnes and the mzingas they will Run too 😔”

“2. LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS. I earn enough to live in the the boojiest neighborhoods but hey priorities 🤷🏽♀️

“I even have comments thrown my way but I don’t listen I know what am working for, so I stay focused, please live comfortably, grow slowly sweetheart,”

“3. CHOOSE YOUR CIRCLE OF FRIENDS WISELY: May God grant you wisdom here this is a struggle, if you are a genuine soul you think everybody is the same!

“Sweetheart people are cruel, pray, good friends give you peace, encourage you, cheer you, and protect your dignity.

“I really wish you the best.

“You don’t have to make the same mistakes we did!

“We are here for you.

“We did better, you can too. With love … Aunty Kate,”


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