Wednesday, June 10, 2020 – The Government of South Sudan has suffered a huge blow after the first Deputy Governor of the Bank of South Sudan, Maror Chier Rehan, died of Coronavirus on Wednesday.

Rehan died at a Nairobi hospital after being airlifted to Kenya following President Uhuru Kenyatta’s intervention.

Rehan’s death was announced by the Director of Communication in the Bank of South Sudan, Majok Nicodemus, who said that Rehan died a few hours after being airlifted to Nairobi.

“The first deputy governor of the Bank of South Sudan died in Nairobi yesterday (Tuesday) at 11 PM because of a short illness.”

“The cause of death will come later in official statement when the body arrives,” Nicodemus told South Sudan’s Eye Radio.

Rehan was appointed to the position on March 25th, 2020, and had barely served for two months.

He was in his 70s at the time of his death.


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