Tuesday June 23, 2020 – Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru was forced to stand in silence for 30 minutes as the special Senate Committee commenced the hearing on her impeachment.

The Chair of the Committee, Senator Cleophas Malala, ordered the Governor to stand in silence as various charges against her were read, as is protocol during hearings.

However, the charge list was so long that it took over 30 minutes to be read out in its entirety.

Waiguru could do nothing but stand in silence while occasionally casting a menacing look as the accusations were voiced out one after the other in the full glare of the media that had been granted access to the House to broadcast the hearing across Kenya.

The charges against the Kirinyaga County Governor, as per the Motion passed by the Kirinyaga County Assembly, include Gross Violation of the Constitution & Abuse of Office and Gross Misconduct. 

Senator Malala made it clear that the committee will give room for all parties to voice their arguments before any determination was made.


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