Thursday, 11 June 2020 – There was shock in Nyanko village in Kisii County after a man was attacked in the middle of the night by a cat that had a red piece of clothe on the neck and a white one on the abdomen.

According to Bernard Makori, he was asleep when he was woken up at around 11PM by someone kicking him on the head and legs.

“I was alone in bed as my wife who works as a nurse was at her workplace.”

“I heard someone kick me on the head and then on the legs in a continuous cycle,” he narrated.

At first, he thought he was dreaming and went back to sleep but shortly after, he was kicked again, prompting him to wake up.

 “When I heard someone kick me again, I decided to wake up and see what was going on.”

“I switched on electricity but I didn’t see anyone in my room,” he further said.

He went to check out other rooms in the house and found everything was okay and since he was worried, he sat in the sitting room and called his pastor and they prayed together.

The pastor told him to go back to sleep without any worries but soon after he went to sleep, he heard some noise in the sitting room.

I took my panga and went to the sitting room, I found a very huge animal standing on my cupboard, it was so huge in the size of a leopard.”

“Then it roared so dangerously and that is when I realised I was in danger.”

“Immediately after roaring, it tried to pounce on me but I was too swift, I moved the opposite side and let it fall on the table.”

“I launched another attack and it fell on the floor.”

“That is when I tried to kill it completely but my panga was always bouncing and not cutting.”

“Now, I would see it clearly and I realised it had a red piece of cloth on the neck and a white one on the hind leg and abdomen,”

After wrestling the cat for hours without success, he alerted his neighbours who helped him to kill it.

Shockingly, the huge cat reduced in size after it was killed.

The cat was pushed into a hole and buried after pastors conducted prayers.

Here are photos of the bizzare cat that has been linked to witchcraft.


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