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Monday June 29, 2020 – A number of senior Government officials behind the Ngong Forest land grabbing scandal have been exposed as plans to reclaim the area are underway.

According to reports, the names of senior Government officials were exposed in a report to the Ministry of Environment Cabinet Secretary Keriako Tobiko.

The names include former Kiambaa Member of Parliament (MP), Stanley Githunguri, who allegedly acquired 9.2 acres, former Konoin MP, Samuel Koech, who allegedly grabbed 32 acres.

Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri has also been named in the scandal after allegedly acquiring 18.24 acres, Major General Njoroge who was part of the Kenya Forest Board is also in the list.

A company that belongs to the late Jonathan Moi is the biggest beneficiary of the forest grabbing saga after allegedly acquiring 1,000 acres which were later subdivided and sold.

The forest has greatly reduced in size from an original 7,231.6 acres to its current 1,330.39 acres as majority of the grabbing took place during former President Daniel Moi’s regime.

CS Tobiko confirmed that the land has been grabbed by a number of senior Government officials.

“Members of Parliament themselves both current and past, senior government functionaries, some today still in government others out of government and huge cooperations.

“It’s not the ordinary mwananchi (citizen) who got into a forest and acquired properties,” stated Tobiko.

Three churches also stand to be affected in the reclamation process with Nairobi Chapel reportedly sitting on 6.5 hectares, Mugumoini PCEA church on 2.47 hectares and St. Francis ACK church on 2.50 hectares.

Former Lands Commissioner Sammy Mwaita allocated 8.8 hectares of the land to the Nairobi Women’s Prison but the Ndungu report revealed that a huge chunk of that land was taken up by a private developer.


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