Wednesday June 17, 2020 – A Kalenjin leader from Rift Valley has lost his seat from the Council of Elders after actively opposing the coronation of Deputy President William Ruto as the region’s kingpin.

According to reports, Christopher Koyogi was voted out by 22 of the 25 members who sit on the council.

In a statement to the press issued at Kapsisiywa in Nandi, Talai elders accused Koyogi of fostering disunity and defying the council’s decision.

The chairman of the group, Retired Reverend Canon James Baasi, noted that there was interference from outside the council that was affecting its mandate.

He further noted that Ruto’s installation had strictly followed the cultural protocols and that he was the legitimate kingpin of the region.

The team also claimed that Koyogi had tainted the image of the clan.

To prove their point, the elders pointed out that Ruto was invited to commence the initiation process immediately former President Daniel Moi passed on and that various sub-families of the clan including Kapturgat, Kapsumet, Kapchesang and Mursoi took part in the ceremony.

During the meeting which took place on Friday, June 5th, the DP was doused with milk and honey from elders dressed in wild animal skins.

He was accorded blessings by the elders and handed a cultural stick, which he is expected to be walking around with.

“The elders handed him Nokirwet (a leadership baton) where the DP humbly promised to follow their directives,” stated one of the elders at the time.

But according to Koyogi, the right procedure was not followed in the coronation of Ruto. 

“The ceremony was conducted by young men who did not know what they were doing.”

“When you promise money, they can do whatever you want them to do.”

“All the elders know.”

“I am the vice-chair but I wasn’t aware of the ceremony.”

“They invited me at the last moments but I said I could not involve myself in something I wasn’t a part of,” disputed Koyogi.


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