Thursday, June 11, 2020 – Award winning Kenyan songstress, Habida Maloney, has shared her cancer scare after she developed a lump in her breast.

The mellow voiced singer revealed that she has taken the biopsy test and she hopes that the lump is benign.

Taking to Instagram, the Kesho hit-maker also disclosed that her father succumbed to the disease back in 2013

She wrote:

“Today after a long two weeks of pondering “what the hell is in my body”

“I had a biopsy at #centralmiddlesexhospital

“Thank God for the very friendly staff because there are not many things that scare me but dang “I was scared”.

“Seeing my father go through cancer was terrible, it is a terrible disease!

“And here I am with a lump in my breast! Lump in the name of Jesus you are benign! #breastcancer #superwoman #scared,”

She later assured her fans that she’s yet to get the results but promised to share with them her progress.

“I am sorry to all those I shocked with my post!   I share to empower because I sometimes feel alone in my struggles, so I want all those women whom I now understand…. to know your not alone, their pain, their fear, their feelings, I get it all now. I don’t know if I have cancer yet, as the biopsy is all I have been through at this point, but the procedure itself was enough to know this is not an easy disease to go through. I will share as much as my emotions allow me and hopefully it builds even one person. #superwomanfoundation #habidaspeaks #gothrough #yournotalone #cancerscare,” wrote Habida.


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