Friday June 19, 2020 – President Uhuru Kenyatta seems to be irked because of a decision by Deputy President William Ruto to dump the Jubilee Party and form Jubilee Asili.

Ruto and his allies are in the final process of registering Jubilee Asili whose slogan will be “SOTE PAMOJA”.

While Ruto was hinting about a plan to register a new party, Uhuru was holding a virtual meeting with the Atlantic Council and maintained that he is not seeking to extend his term through a referendum.

The President maintained that the Constitution is very clear with regard to presidential term limits.

He said he will also not seek to become Kenya’s third Prime Minister as alleged by some quarters.

“It is unfortunate that some people have interpreted the scenario of a referendum to change the Constitution, to mean that certain individuals want to change that Constitution to extend the presidential term,” Uhuru said.

 “I can tell you, if there is one thing that Kenyans are very, very clear about, very clear about, is the two-term limit.”

“The two term-limit Kenyans are very clear about and they have been clear about since 1992 when we introduced multipartism.”

“And there’s been no single president that has broken that and I don’t intend to be the first,” Uhuru added.


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