Saturday June 20, 2020 – Laikipia Women Representative, Catherine Waruguru, is among a bunch of hypocrites in the Jubilee Party who were irked by a decision of Deputy President William Ruto of forming a new party ahead of the 2022 presidential duel.

Dr Ruto who has been in the political cold for several months after President Uhuru Kenyatta sidelined him came out with a bang on Thursday when he announced the formation of Jubilee Asili which will be his presidential vehicle in 2022.

Though millions of Kenyans support the move, Waruguru and other hyenas in the old Jubilee Party were not happy and accused the DP of undermining his boss by forming another party.

“Deputy President William Ruto owes over 10 million jubilee supporters in the country an apology for going behind the President’s back and desperately opening a parallel party office they are now calling Jubilee Asili,” Waruguru said.

“This is now confirming fears that have been there all along that the DP is running a parallel govt to undermine the President.”

“We elected HE Uhuru not Ruto. With ur Asili shenanigans you have just asked for an impeachment and you’ll be served the impeachment hot. #Jubilee_Asili,” Waruguru added.


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