Tuesday June 16, 2020 – Details of how embattled Governor, Anne Waiguru, had become a divisive figure in the Raila Odinga-led ODM party have emerged.

National Assembly Minority Leader, John Mbadi, said that it would reek hypocrisy for ODM to blindly defend Waiguru before interrogating evidence of abuse of office and alleged misappropriation of public funds.

He said the fight against corruption was part of the March 9th, 2018 pact Raila entered with President Uhuru Kenyatta in their famous handshake.

 “ODM has not taken a position.”

“I have the feeling that Senators have the ability to serve justice to the MCAs and the Governor.”

“They have the ability to look at the law, the accusations and the evidence by the MCAs before taking a decision,” Mbadi said.

“If the MCAs are just playing politics with no strong grounds to impeach the governor, it will come out.”

“It would be hypocritical of us in ODM to say we want to save someone accused of corruption.”

“ODM is on record that part of the reason for the handshake was to bolster the fight against graft,” he added.

Mbadi also dismissed politicians advancing the narrative that Waiguru was being fought because of her gender, listing Governors who had been dragged to the Senate after being impeached by their County Assemblies on grounds of alleged corrupt dealings.

This comes even as Junet Mohammed said that ODM will defend Waiguru because the Governor was “being bullied simply since she is a woman.”


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