Monday, June 15, 2020 – It has now emerged that deceased Ohangla singer, Abenny Jachinga, who died under mysterious circumstances and buried without a postmortem being conducted to establish the cause of his death, was a lethal womanizer.

Jachiga left his wife to languish in poverty in the village and ate life with a big spoon with his side chicks in the city.

The singer had multiple side chicks in Nairobi, some of whom are now saying that they were married to the singer, although his family only recognized his wife who resides upcountry.

She was the only one who was allowed to attend his burial and sit on the graveyard to mourn him.

Kenyans were shocked after seeing how the singer was living a lavish life with his side chicks in the city while his wife, a mother of two kids, struggled with life in the village.

Just compare these photos of his wife and side-chicks.

Jachiga’s wife who lived a humble life in the village.

Side chicks who were squandering his money in the city.


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