Friday June 19, 2020 – Jubilee Party Deputy Secretary-General, Caleb Kositany, has indicated that it is a matter of time before he is ousted from his position by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Speaking during an interview on Friday, Kositany revealed that it is because of such fears that they (Deputy President William Ruto and his allies) have formed a new break-away outfit dubbed Jubilee Asili.

“I am waiting for the day that I will be relieved off my duties as Deputy Sec-Gen, could it be today, could it be tomorrow?”

“That will no longer be news, it will not shock me at all,” Kositany stated.

He complained that he did not have a place to table his ideas.

“My conscious cannot allow me to continue serving in a party where even my little idea is not recognised or is not listened to,” he continued.

Kositany, who is an ardent supporter of Ruto, added that all Jubilee members contribute some money to the party on a monthly basis, adding that it was unfair for some to be listened to and others not to.

“MCAs contribute Ksh 5,000, MPs and Governors contribute Ksh 10,000, hence, the Jubilee Party gets around Ksh 3 to Ksh 4 million a month and we are treated as strangers, that is actually very unfair,” the Soy MP stated.

Kositany’s sentiments came a day after Deputy President William Ruto met members of the Jubilee Party who were removed from various house leadership positions.

The DP implored them to continue focusing on Jubilee’s people-centred transformational agenda.


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