Wednesday June 3, 2020 – Jubilee Party Deputy Secretary General, Caleb Kositany, has recounted how President Uhuru Kenyatta lost his cool during the PG meeting in State House yesterday.

Speaking during an interview yesterday, Kositany, who is also Ruto’s right hand man, revealed that Uhuru was so furious with Ruto and his allies that he even threatened them with dire consequences if they will not tore the line.

“The President’s tone was terrible and thank God he even swallowed some words.”

“He didn’t let them out.”

“It was ‘either my way or the highway’.”

“The changes made in Parliament on the Jubilee side solely targeted MPs aligned to the DP.”

“We have waited for a PG for three years and hoped we would deliberate on issues but that didn’t happen as the President was fixated on Ruto and his allies,” stated Kositany.

Ruto, while speaking at the same event, maintained his calm and offered support to Uhuru Kenyatta.

“The DP did not say much, all he said is that he was behind the President and that the PG meeting was Uhuru’s day,” an MP disclosed.


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