Saturday June 20, 2020 – The wrangles within Jubilee Party have taken an interesting turn after Deputy President William Ruto unveiled Jubilee Asili Centre, a parallel office to the party’s Pangani headquarters.

However, his decision has not augured well with President Uhuru Kenyatta’s allies who have said that they will frustrate all efforts to have a new breakaway party registered bearing similarity to the ruling party. 

Speaking yesterday, Jubilee Vice Chairman, David Murathe, poked holes into a decision by Ruto’s allies to promote the Jubilee Manifesto from the new centre. 

“You can’t claim to have a party that appears to share a name and slogan with another because it will confuse people.”

“We have the copyright of Jubilee, so they can’t list another party with that name.”

“If they want to move to something else they are good to go. Good riddance.”

“These are people who had promised to work from the Jubilee headquarters but now claim they have been denied,” stated Murathe.

Ruto’s new slogan ‘Sote Pamoja’ and the handshaking logo bear a close resemblance to Jubilee’s logo and slogan ‘Tuko Pamoja’. 

Murathe further warned Ruto’s allies against stopping monthly contributions which are meant to run activities at the Jubilee headquarters along Thika Road, Nairobi.

Kieni MP, Kanini Kega, said that DP Ruto’s allies were risking their positions in the party because they may be kicked out for supporting a different ideology.



  1. Kenyans open your eyes let the big elephants fight,people like murathe thinks that that they hold Kenyan in there shoulders murathe respect Kenyans “Leadership is the art of giving people a platform for spreading ideas that work.” not ukabila you’re nothing but a stupid puppet for harlot Kenya dynasties who thinks they control Kenya like there kitchens, citizens are not stupid and we don’t fear we are preparing for the world to be shocked for CJ maraga was a shadow Kenya is changing and it is a ticking boom just like sadam it will happen to Uhurus family the clock is ticking,mungu ni mwema.

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