Thursday June 4, 2020 -– Sacked Majority Whip, Benjamin Washiali, has vehemently dismissed former CS, Rashid Echesa’s assertions.

Echesa had claimed Ruto was waiting to take advantage of the recent sackings of Washiali and other Tanga Tanga members for his 2022 political gain.

According to Echesa, the DP may be behind the sackings of his own troops from Government.

But in defence of Ruto, Washiali dismissed Echesa as a novice in politics, saying the former CS does not understand how the system works.

He stated that he was fired for refusing to execute President Uhuru Kenyatta’s dirty work and that Ruto is not to blame.

“The problem is not me; it is my conscience,”

“You have seen my successor do funny things like the ones Irungu Kang’ata is doing in the Senate, removing people from committees withot any valid reasons.”

“That is what I refused to do and that is why I am being punished,” stated Washiali.


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