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Saturday June 13, 2020 – The night coronation of Deputy President William Ruto by a section of Talai elders has continued to generate heat with another group of elders now disowning the ceremony while another defending it.

Those opposed to the ceremony, led by the council’s Vice-Chairman Christopher Koyogi, are now demanding that the Deputy President should start the process of reversing the coronation or face the wrath of a tribal curse.

Koyogi dismissed Ruto’s coronation as a scheme to undermine President Kenyatta and an abuse of the Kalenjin community’s cultural values.

According to Koyogi and his group, President Kenyatta is still in possession of the traditional leadership regalia handed to him in 2017, including the culturally revered sambut and kuutwet, and so no one else can be “coroneted” before the Head of State completes his term in office.

“President Kenyatta sought our blessings to continue with his reign after the first term and a ceremony was held in Nandi Hills.”

“We crowned him with leadership accessories and it was wrong for a section of elders to mislead the DP,” said Kasogi.

The other group, led by retired Anglican Cleric James Baasi, in whose home the ceremony took place, argued that Ruto was adorned with the community’s sacred leadership regalia rightfully as he is the political kingpin of the Kalenjin.

And with that, said Rev Baasi, the baton has shifted from the hands of Mr. Kenyatta to those of Mr. Ruto.

“The treasures we gave Mr. Ruto symbolise different things,” he said.

“The sambut is for inclusive leadership, the kuutwet and rungu for authority, while the sharit is for guidance.”

“No one else can claim them until the DP finishes his reign,” Rev Baasi said.

But that declaration angered the other group even more, forcing the elders to demand that the DP should consult elders for a cleansing ceremony or else they will curse him.

“The DP and his associates should follow the right cultural channel and have both Nandi and Talai elders meet and perform the cleansing ceremony,” Mr. Koyogi said, adding that they will not coax Mr Ruto to go for the cleansing.


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