Monday June 1, 2020 – Deputy President William Ruto has assured President Uhuru Kenyatta that Kenyans are fully behind him and are praying for him as well as he steers the country through the most difficult time.

This is even as Uhuru has waged a cold war with the DP for allegedly disrespecting him and has gone ahead to sack all his allies from Parliamentary leadership.

Speaking during the Madaraka Day fete at State House, Ruto stated that despite their differences in political ideologies, he wants what is best for Uhuru and is praying for him.

“Kenyans are praying for you!”

“In fact, the coronavirus pandemic has made everybody realise our inadequacy and what God can do.”

“Churches are shut, Kenyans have had to leave jobs, businesses are affected and our life as a nation is affected,” he said.

Ruto said that while it was normal to cough, things have turned abnormal.

“When you called the nation to action, the response from Kenyans was unprecedented.”

“Every Kenyan stepped forward,” he said.

“As you mobilise the government to these guidelines, we are confident that under your leadership, the Government will take the necessary decision to ensure that we mitigate the effects of this pandemic,” he said.

President Uhuru Kenyatta led Kenyans in celebrating the 57th Madaraka Day on Monday.


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