Sunday June 21, 2020 – University of Nairobi don, Prof Herman Manyora, has spoken about the latest drama in Jubilee Party where Deputy President William Ruto has formed a new party and set up a parallel office in Kilimani, Nairobi.

Ruto who is Jubilee’s official Deputy Party Leader formed Jubilee Asili on Thursday whose slogan is “Sote Pamoja”

Jubilee Asili borrows heavily from the Jubilee Party but has replaced the red colour in the Jubilee emblem with black and yellow.

These new colours are associated with the DP’s defunct URP.

With the widening rift in Government, the DP is seen carefully crafting an elaborate strategy that can deliver him to State House without the support of the President.

Speaking about the formation, Prof Manyora said that the DP is trying to direct rebels against the President to “scare him”.

Manyora said that while the war pitting Uhuru against Ruto is getting out of hand, he is currently testing waters with the new party.

“The message to the President is simple: ‘If you thought we were scared, think twice, as we, too, can do this,” Manyora said.


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