Friday June 12, 2020 – Nyali MP, Mohamed Ali, popularly known as Moha Jicho Pevu, has begun the impeachment process of Transport Cabinet Secretary James Macharia. 

Venting on social media, Moha, who is among Deputy President William Ruto’s only remaining allies, indicated that he has already drafted an impeachment motion against Macharia.

Sharing the motion with his fans, Moha detailed several reasons why the CS should be removed from office. 

He faulted CS Macharia for overseeing stalled projects worth Ksh100 billion, terming it as a gross violation of Article 73 of the Constitution on Leadership and Integrity. 

“He failed to deliver on key infrastructure, housing, urban development and public works such as bridges, highways, seaports and airports despite the projects being heavily touted as vital to the development of the country,” the document read. 

The MP also accused Macharia of overseeing the loss of Ksh1.5 billion in the housing project scandal.

“He failed to account for the loss of Ksh1.5 billion meant for Suraya housing project in Nairobi.”

“It further emerged that Spring Valley Business Park that houses the office of Suraya and which the firm claims to be one of its successful projects is owned by James Macharia,” Moha wrote.

The Nyali MP, in his impeachment motion, further accused Macharia of committing perjury by lying under oath.

“He stated that the suspension of the transportation order yet the directive is still in force even with multiple public notices on its suspension being issued by the ministry.”

“This inefficiency in his work, therefore, makes him unfit to hold office,” Moha stated.

The hauling business in the Coast came down crashing when the Ministry ordered that cargo from Mombasa be transported on the SGR. 

“It is deeply concerning that the Cabinet Secretary continues to disregard stakeholders in the implementation of ministerial projects by not conducting any public participation or stakeholder engagement meeting,” he accused. 

The MP’s last nail is the Ksh 5.2 billion Afya House scandal which brought shame to the Ministry of Health when CS Macharia was in charge. 

“James Macharia is further accused of laxity in the fight against corruption under his watch, where massive fraud took place,” the MP cited. 


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