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Sunday June 28, 2020 – Nandi Hills Member of Parliament, Alfred Keter, was shouted down by residents of Rift Valley when he went to convey President Uhuru Kenyatta’s message of condolence after two people were shot by police officers on June 24th, 2020.

Keter was forced to prematurely put an end to Uhuru’s condolence message after the crowed started anti-Uhuru chants.

They instead demanded to hear a message from Deputy President William Ruto. 

“The President is concerned and disturbed about what happened here and he has sent me his condolences,” Keter said.

Slightly after saying this, residents insisted that they wanted a message from the DP.

One of the residents in the crowd asked; “Who sent you?” and Keter maintained that it was the President, asking the residents to remain calm.

The residents, however, did not stay calm but started chanting ‘Ruto’

“We want to hear what Ruto has to say, we don’t want to hear the rest,” the residents said.

Keter finally managed to convey the President’s message after he promised the crowd that he will also convey what the DP had to say.

“Ruto is my good friend.”

“You think you know him more than I do?” Keter asked.

The message by the leaders came after two died, nine others sustained injuries during running battles that ensued as protesters demanded justice following the death of a cobbler.

Angered, protestors also torched the office of an Officer Commanding Station (OCS) in the massive protest against police brutality.

All police officers in the station have since been transferred.


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