Friday June 26, 2020 – Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party is currently undergoing a complex brain operation in Dubai after he fell ill two weeks ago.

According to sources, Raila who had a brain operation 10 years ago had been having migraines and he decided to have another surgery at a hospital in Beijing, China.

But according to his elder brother, Dr Oburu Odinga, Raila Odinga opted for a Dubai based hospital.

This was after China instructed him to undergo a 14 day quarantine period at a military facility before being allowed into China.

That was not a request but a must.

“He’s not in China.”

“The last time he was there, I think, was in November last year before the coronavirus pandemic.”

“Right now, if you want to go there, you must be ready for a 14-day military quarantine.”

“That’s not tenable, so there is no way he could have gone there,” Dr Oburu Odinga said.

In 2010, Raila was treated at the Nairobi Hospital.

He went under the knife in a surgery that was to relieve pressure on his brain.


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  1. Good and congratulations to China even in Kenya we have qualified doctors and well educated, dynasties are cowards and because of evil deeds they did to Kenya citizens makes them seek treatments abroad, African leaders must build there own hospitals in Africa and pay the doctors waaache ukumbafu and stop mis using Kenyans taxes.

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