Thursday, June 4, 2020 – Rapper Khaligraph Jones, real name Brian Ouko, has lambasted racist Indian landlords in Kenya who have joined the world in protesting racism in the US following the murder of an African-American, Gorge Floyd, by a racist white cop in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Taking to Instagram, the OG as he calls himself, called out Indians who own apartments in Langáta and Westlands where only Indians are allowed to rent.

 “While we ARE ADDRESSING RACISM- can someone address the INDIANS ONLY APARTMENTS AND HOUSES in Westlands and Langata??” read part of his post.

The talented Kayole rapper went on to narrate how he once experienced racism first hand, when he went house hunting in Lang’ata last year.

 “Last year I went to Lang’ata to inquire about some Nice houses I had seen on the Internet, after getting there we were prevented from Entering the Estate cause we were told we aren’t Indians, apparently only Indians can own property in That Area, Niljua Ni mazishi Nikarudi Kayole polepole.

“The OG was not respected,”

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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