Friday, June 5, 2020 – As Kenyans join the rest of the world in condemning racism in the US following the murder of George Floyd by the ‘knee to the neck’ of a racist white cop, it has emerged that this vice is happening in our soil.

This is after a former student of Peponi School that is owned by President Uhuru’s sister, Kristina Pratt, shared her experience with racism at the posh school on Twitter.

Through her Twitter handle @rnbfayz, she recounted how she was ridiculed and other black students for being ‘ghetto’ when she joined the British system institution about 10 years ago,

“Upon arrival, a few students and I were ridiculed by other white and indian students for being “ghetto” && coming from “ghetto schools”. FYI, I was in Braeside High School. Another British system school. But you know because black people are the majority, it’s ghetto,” she wrote.

She went on to narrate how white students often bullied and profiled black students with the full knowledge of the administration.

See her tweets below.

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