Tuesday, 02 June 2020 – Queen Lema alias Pamela, is a Nairobi based stripper and video vixen, who was busted sometime back selling her flesh for Ksh 30,000 a night to a man who sought for her sex services and then leaked chats of their conversation after the deal went sour.

Since all strip clubs are closed after the Government ordered all clubs to be shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, Lema, just like her fellow strippers and thigh vendors, is utilizing social media to put food on the table.

She posted some very hot videos with the intention of luring potential sex clients.

In this videos, Lema, who has Tanzanian roots, leaves little for men to imagine.

She parades her soft booty and shows what she sells for Ksh 30,000 a night.

Watch the juicy videos of the high budget stripper and flesh peddler.


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