Friday, 26 June 2020 – A popular pastor has been exposed after he was busted sex chatting with multiple women, some single while others are married.

The Nigerian based rogue pastor, who is identified as Evangelist Ositadinna Molokwu, even received nudes from some of the married women, who are secretly dishing out their flesh to the sex starved pastor without the knowledge of their husbands.

The pastor’s facebook account was hacked and the hacker splashed private messages of him sex chatting with the women and planning for sex dates.

Here are the leaked messages of the pastor sex chatting with multiple women, some married.

This is the first culprit. A married woman who sings in the choir in the pastor’s church. She even sent him nudes

Here’s another married woman sex chatting with the sex starved pastor and planning for a sex date.

Another one. She is married but cheating on her husband with the pastor.

Another one here.

This one was promised to be sucked by the man of God, LOL!!

This one is an Evangelist and busy cheating with the pastor.

Here’s the randy pastor.


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